Re-time Serum


Specification: 30ml

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This serum, enriched with Vitamin A, considered one of the leading anti wrinkle ingredients in dermatology, acts on all types of wrinkles and visabily reduces their appearance. Thank to wakame 14g, a powerful skin revitalizer inspired from genetic research, it recreates the appearance of visibly looking rejuvenated skin.

这种富含维生素A的精华素被认为是皮肤病学中最主要的抗皱成分之一,可作用于所有类型的皱纹并明显减少其出现。 感谢wakame 14g,它是一种受基因研究启发的功能强大的皮肤活化剂,可重现看起来年轻的皮肤。