Membership Terms


1. The membership system is the point feedback and sharing program currently provided by Babyface to its customers. The membership of the system (“Membership”) is limited to individuals and only one account per person. Eligible minors must obtain the consent of their parents or legal guardians before participating.

You must have a Babyface account and password to be eligible. New customers who register for an account will automatically become members.

2. Points earning and redemption plan rebate

According to the plan, for every Australian dollar spent on online transactions (the final settlement in China is based on the exchange rate in RMB, but the point system is based on the Australian dollar price), every $ 1 you spend is equivalent to 1 point. We also offer extra points activities from time to time, in which case extra points are calculated.

You can view the current point balance and any other point activities in a few points page.

100 points can be exchanged for $ 1, the system can be automatically discounted.

Please note that your account may take up to 24 hours to update points after the transaction. When your order is completed, points will be automatically added to your account, you can view it on the My Points page.

3. Cancel the order
If the item has been cancelled from your order, the points generated by the item will be deducted from your account. If your entire order is cancelled, any points generated by the order will be deducted from your account.

4. Points validity period
The points are time-sensitive, and the points are valid for one year.

5. Babyface subscription
By registering an account on Babyface, you agree (or, if you are a minor, your parents or legal guardian agree) to receive advertisements, marketing materials, and other subscriptions from Babyface. Register to join the membership system, you will automatically subscribe to receive plan emails.

6. Quit Babyface subscription
If you do not wish to receive these subscriptions, you can ask to stop these notifications.

7. Plan changes, termination and / or abolition
Babyface can change, limit or modify the plan rules, terms, benefits, membership or any other functions of the plan at its own discretion (including transferring any responsibility for customers under the plan to another person or entity at any time, without recourse ) Or you can terminate this plan at any time by posting any such changes on the Babyface website. Your continued participation in the program after such changes signifies your acceptance of these changes.

Babyface reserves the exclusive but reasonable discretion to exclude individuals from the membership system or delete points from the member’s account. In particular, any misuse, manipulation or “manipulation” of this system or its rules (as determined by Babyface), failure to comply with any of the provisions of this plan, any false statements or any unprotected acts that harm Babyface ’s interests may cause Members withdraw or deduct points earned through these abuse or manipulation activities and will affect further eligibility to participate in the program. If your membership is revoked or otherwise cancelled, any points in your account will automatically expire, Babyface reserves the right to change its website and these terms at any time. You are responsible for checking or reviewing these terms from time to time to keep up with any changes. By joining this program, you agree to be bound by any such changes.

8. Limitation of liability
To the maximum extent permitted by law, shall not be liable for any damages caused by or related to your participation or participation in the program, including losses caused by changes or termination of the program. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all types of damage, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damage, data loss, income or profit, property loss or damage, and third-party claims Claim. By agreeing to these terms, you voluntarily agree (or, if you are a minor, your parents or legal guardian voluntarily agree) that you have waived your right to seek compensation for these damages from Babyface.

We reserve the right to make change to this Terms.
Last modification was made March 31, 2020.